15 March - 28 April 2024

ARDEN + WHITE is pleased to announce the opening of UNFOLDING, Sydney-based sculptor, Clementine Maconachie’s first solo exhibition with the gallery and in the US. 


UNFOLDING encapsulates both the tangible and intangible essence of the artist's practice and work. Maconachie primarily employs metals, skillfully manipulating, refining, and transforming them through cutting, bending, polishing, painting, and patinating techniques. Her sculpted forms evolve from the disciplined cold-bending manipulation of materials, using the weight of her own body to achieve a fluidity that starkly contrasts with their raw origins.  This contrast prompts a reevaluation of conventional perceptions, encouraging viewers to contemplate the dynamic interplay between strength and flexibility, rigidity and fluidity.


In her latest series, the artist introduces a technique to accelerate the aging of brass surfaces, unveiling the patina to add layers of depth that go beyond the metal's inherent properties. The dynamic relationship between time and environment births an aesthetic that is both alluring and enigmatic. Within the delicate balance of oxidation and polishing, a vibrant tapestry of hues and textures unfurls, with each mark serving as a tribute to the passage of time and the untamed forces of nature.


Amidst this process of transformation, there is imperfection, unpredictability, sheer beauty, and wonder that transcends the limitations of the material world.


Clementine Maconachie is a self-taught visual artist based in Sydney Australia.  Maconachie is an Olympic gold Medalist and former world record holder for her achievement in swimming.  


UNFOLDING will be on show from March 15th - April 28th at ARDEN + WHITE’s new gallery space at 155 Elm Street, New Canaan, CT.