Rozek (b. 1992, Akron, Ohio), is a Los Angeles-based artist who employs a staining technique comprised of multilayered compositions with a technique popularized by the early abstractionists and artists of the Washington Color School.  He follows in the footsteps of these greats of the art world, Morris Louis chief among them, while also going beyond the achievements of color field painters before him in terms of process.


Rozek’s adroit use of diluted oil on unprimed canvas results in large-scale, stain paintings that are unrestrained and yet decidedly refined. The artist establishes a visual logic that is measured in his use of layered, harmonious hues of color that flood and seep across their coarse backdrops. Rozek strips down abstract expressionism to its elemental origins with overlapping shapes and runny bands of paint. The resulting shapes alter between opaque impenetrability and inviting warmth. 


Rozek’s rivaling shades and tones of color create amorphous, ghostly shapes that merge in and stack upon one another in a hypnotic symphony that changes our perception and viewing experience with time.