1 September - 23 October 2022

ARDEN + WHITE GALLERY (formerly known as CAS GALLERY) announces the opening of UNEARTHED, a two-person exhibition with works from Rosalind Tallmadge and Matt Byrd.  Together the new paintings by Tallmadge and sculptures by Byrd exemplify unexpected outcomes of familiar natural materials recontextualized through intense effort and vision.  These undeniable earthly fragments exhibit a whimsical formality in their new forms, holding one in complete awe of the transformation.



Taking on new forms, Tallmadge creates a duality between the ephemerality and fragility of the translucent silkscreen and the geological hardness of the mica and lepidolite in her latest body of work.  Tallmadge dissects and hand cuts the stones in this new collection of work - a labor-intensive and meditative process.  The result is a monochrome minimalist surface, with slight variations arising from the subtle coloration found in the stone.  


The interplay of light through materiality creates a new visual dialogue throughout the day; from the hours of natural light to artificial light.  The movement of one's self in front of the work creates a movement in the piece, a playful and whimsical moment of engagement through reflection.


This new body of work identifies an evolution in process and form from Tallmadge commonly known for her sequin and metal leaf paintings.  It developed naturally in early 2022 from the mica she had been using beneath her works.  The strenuous process and repetitive application illustrate a heightened musing or perhaps a meditative playground for the artist.